Dear Mr. Moore,

I found your book very interesting and educational. I have learned a lot about the Civil War through your books. I find them much more exciting than a dry history textbook. It was inspiring to see how Blake was bitter toward the enemy for killing his father, but in the end he actually met the man who killed his father and forgave him. It is a story of bitterness and anger, which turns into forgiveness and friendship.

Isaac Sassa, age 14

Blake's Story

Blake learns of his father’s death at the battle at Shiloh. He has to do something about it and decides to go to the war and kill the soldier who killed his father. But it’s not as simple as he thinks. Entering the war during the Kentucky Campaign of 1862 with the 2nd Tennessee under Bridageer General Patrick Cleburne, he later finds himself with the 31st Indiana under Brigadeer General Charles Cruft when he falls at Perryville. Friendship with an enemy soldier has unexpected consequences.